Welcome on board!

At nearly 200 years old, HMS Unicorn is one of the world’s most remarkable historic ships and preserved as a museum and visitor attraction in Dundee with four atmospheric decks for visitors to explore.

So step back in time and learn about life at sea, the Navy in Dundee, and ‘the Golden Age of Sail’…




HMS Unicorn, Dundee and her World War I contribution

HMS Unicorn was delighted to receive funds form Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver the project ‘HMS Unicorn, Dundee and their contribution to World War I at sea’. Discover more via the following links

WW1: Able Seaman Victor Ferrar

RNR Dundee: Summary

WW1: Mobilisation of RNVR

Unicorn’s Silver Band

and in our on-board exhibition Handymen: Unicorn and the men of the RNR/RNVR


Discover more about Dundee’s contribution in WWI at ‘Great War Dundee’ https://www.greatwardundee.com/#fndtn-sixlives