Meet the Team – Bob

Q1 – Can you introduce yourself? “My name is Bob and I help with guiding and cleaning on HMS Unicorn.”

Q2 – How did you get involved with the ship? “I have always been interested in ships and I saw an advert in the local paper looking for volunteers to join the team at HMS Unicorn. That was back in 1984 so I guess I have been with the ship for 35 years… Can’t believe it’s been as long as that!”

Q3 – How do you help on the ship? “Well I do guiding and cleaning. I love doing the guiding because I get to interact with visitors, answer their questions and share stories from the ship’s past. When there’s cleaning to be done, I help sweep the decks, polish the brass and even keep the rum topped up in the scuttlebutt (‘rum tub’).”

Q4 – What do you like most about being part of the HMS Unicorn team? “Everyone is really friendly and we have a great laugh together. We work well as a team and are always there to help each other. It’s like being part of a wee community.”

Q5 – What is your favourite part of the ship? “The hold (at the bottom of the ship) because it was the first area of the ship that I ever did work in. I remember working with other volunteers to clear the space out and taking turns at pumping the bilges.”

Bob polishing the bilge pump on HMS Unicorn

Q6 – What skills have you developed on the ship? 2 “I have improved my research skills because in order to give good tours you have to know your stuff! I love reading up on naval history and the nation’s maritime past.”

Q7 – What would you say to anyone thinking about getting involved with volunteering at HMS Unicorn? “Come down, meet the people and join in. You’ll be amazed how much you can get out of it. As a volunteer of 35 years, the ship has had a huge impact on my life. And as I like to say – ‘You can take the man out of HMS Unicorn, but you can’t take HMS Unicorn out of the man’.”

Q8 – Sum up HMS Unicorn in 3 words “Fantastic old ship!”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at HMS Unicorn and becoming part of the team, then please get in touch. You can phone us on 01382 200900 or email us at We really appreciate all of our amazing volunteers and we love having new people get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.