Meet the Team – Rhys

Q1 – Can you introduce yourself?

“Hi. My name is Rhys and I help with photography on HMS Unicorn.”

Q2 – How did you get involved with the ship?

“I heard about volunteering on the ship through the Employment Unit in Dundee. They knew I was fascinated by ships, aircraft and other types of transport so it was a perfect match. I also help with photography at the Dundee Museum of Transport.”

Q3 – How do you help on the ship?

“I mainly focus on photographing the historic collection on board as well as producing some promotional images for the guidebook and website. My favourite object I have photographed so far is the pair of German naval dirks (‘daggers’) from World War Two.”

Q4 – What do you like most about being part of the HMS Unicorn team?

“I like being able to work with others on historical projects and getting the opportunity to be up close with unique artefacts.”

Q5 – What is your favourite part of the ship?

“I love the mess deck and particularly the wardroom (‘gunroom’). This is where the officers on Unicorn would have lived and the lighting is really interesting. As a photographer, the space makes for a very unusual composition.”

Q6 – What skills have you developed on the ship?

“Aside from developing my photography skills, volunteering on the ship has given me a great chance to improve my communication. I have really built my confidence levels and have enjoyed meeting new people.”

Q7 – What would you say to anyone thinking about getting involved with volunteering at HMS Unicorn?

“I would say they should definitely do it. I find it an amazing privilege to work on such an historic ship and the entire team is great fun to work with.”

Q8 – Sum up HMS Unicorn in 3 words

“A creative experience.”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at HMS Unicorn and becoming part of the team, then please get in touch.

You can phone us on 01382 200900 or email us at

We really appreciate all of our amazing volunteers and we love having new people get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.