Shipboard Organisation

Shipboard Organisation

Outline of Naval Routine Alexander D. Fordyce (1837, Smith, Elder & Son, London)  A highly detailed summary of the organisation, training, routines, maintenance etc onboard a naval ship in early 19th Century.

Calculations Relating to the Equipment, Displacement, etc. of Ships and Vessels of War John Edye (1832, Hodgson, London)  Tables of weights, dimensions etc for all classes of ships in the Royal Navy by John Edye who was one of the assistant Surveyors of the Navy at the period.  Includes a full analysis of the 46 gun frigate, including a schematic sail plan.

Professional Recollections Captain F Liardet (1849).  Delightfully idiosyncratic collection of short articles on a variety of topics relevant to the organisation of a sailing warship.

Mariners’ Meals and Other Daily Details Una Robertson (1982, Unicorn Preservation Society)  A well-researched and entertaining summary of food and other domestic aspects of life at sea in Unicorn’s day.

Captain’s Order Book for HMS Owen Glendower (c1830, manuscript)  A tiny volume containing the full set of Captain’s Orders for a frigate of the early 18th C with diagrams of signal flags etc.  A jewel of a book.  (WRS collection)