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Guns & Carriages

18 Pounder Long Guns            The Unicorn Preservation Society publishes drawings of the replica 18 pdr Blomefield pattern long guns and carriages as currently fitted in the ship.  Excellent quality fibreglass replica gun barrels can be supplied at full size (9 feet long!) from moulds taken from an original gun in Edinburgh Castle.  The Unicorn Preservation Society made these moulds available to HMS Trincomalee, a sister ship to Unicorn which has been rebuilt in Hartlepool.

32 Pounder Carronades            Drawings of the 32 pdr Carronades are not currently available, but it is intended to produce a set in due course, based upon the drawings held in the National Maritime Museum of Sir Robert Seppings design for mounting 32 pdr Carronades “on the inside and outside principle” (NMM, “Sheerness Books” Vol. 1, No. 212.)

General            The Guns of the Frigate Unicorn (W. Roderick Stewart) provides basic information concerning miscellaneous gunnery equipment.