Learning onboard HMS Unicorn

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HMS Unicorn welcomes school and School Visit to Unicornother educational visits, and is keen to engage with any interested groups wishing to use HMS Unicorn as an aid to developing an understanding of local history, social history, engineering, mechanics and a wide range of other topics.

For more information, please contact HMS Unicorn’s Learning and Engagement Officer at learning@frigateunicorn.org

We offer a range of group visit packages including guided tours, handling sessions and school workshops.  For more information, please check out the Unicorn Learning Guide.

We also offer a lively outreach programme, with presentations tailored to your own requirements and age group, including the visually impaired.

Before visiting HMS Unicorn with your school, please read our School Visits Policy. This provides guidelines and useful information for your visit.

Education Policy Statement

The Unicorn Preservation Society has, from its very beginning, recognised education as a core function of the society and aims to promote the value of HMS Unicorn and its collections as unique learning resources.

The Society supports this policy by encouraging all levels and ages of pupil and student to visit Unicorn, to make use of the Society’s educational resource materials and facilities and to take advantage of the Society’s outreach programme.

Education Objectives

The Unicorn Preservation Society aims to:

  • Expand visitors’ knowledge and awareness of heritage
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the importance of heritage
  • Provide opportunities to experience and use real artefacts and historical evidence
  • Deepen and extend classroom experience in a meaningful, stimulating manner
  • Provide an enriching experience from which children and mature students can develop their own perceptions of history
  • Support teachers and course organisers in planning appropriate activities for a class visit