Learning on HMS Unicorn

HMS Unicorn welcomes school and other educational visits, and is keen to engage with any interested groups wishing to use the ship as an aid to developing an understanding of local history, social history, design, technology and a wide range of other topics.

A photograph of visitors exploring HMS Unicorn
Exploring HMS Unicorn

For more information, please contact HMS Unicorn’s Learning and Engagement Officer at finlay@hmsunicorn.org.uk

Nursery and School Visits

We offer a range of interactive tours and hands-on workshops for nurseries, schools and youth groups. For more information, please check out the Unicorn Learning Guide.

Before visiting HMS Unicorn with your group or class, please read our School Visits Policy.

We also have Pre-Visit Notes that you can download for your class, providing information about the ship and what they will see on board.

Talks and Outreach

HMS Unicorn offers a lively outreach programme, with presentations tailored to your own requirements. Please read our Talks Leaflet for more information.

So if you are part of a club or society and would like us to deliver a talk about the history and future of HMS Unicorn, then please get in touch.

Activity Sheets

We have a great selection of activity sheets that are perfect for kids to learn more about HMS Unicorn. You can download these sheets for free and they can be used before, during or after a visit to the ship.

Break the Code

Colours of HMS Unicorn

Design Your Cabin

HMS Unicorn Quiz Sheet

Jackspeak Wordsearch

Join the Wrens

Life in the Georgian Navy

The History of HMS Unicorn