School Art Competition: 2018 Winners!

HMS Unicorn School Art Competition
10th May 2018

Sponsored by Scotmid

HMS Unicorn is delighted to announce the winners of our 2018 Art Competition for Schools: Changing Face of Dundee!

The competition received a wonderful response from schools, with a remarkably wide range of artworks in lots of different mediums! As a result, there were a number of very tough decisions for our judges! However, the judges felt that the following artworks best captured the sense of inspiration, imagination and creativity that the competition aimed to develop.  In addition, the judges were particularly impressed that many of the works referenced the city’s history and ‘Changing Face of Dundee’!


1st Prize: Children from Daisies Nursery

Judges loved this image of RRS Discovery alongside the new V&A Dundee. They particularly liked how children have used material to make the outline of the V&A.

2nd Prize: Harris Moonlight (Balgillo Nursery)

Harris’s picture impressed the judges with his illustration of Dundee’s two bridges, as well as a lifeboat and a penguin! Just in time for Maggie’s Penguin Parade!

3rd Prize: Children from Cherry Blossom Nursery

Cherry Blossom Nursery made a wonderful booklet of personalised images and information relating to the children’s own experience. A beautiful record of their time growing up in the city!



Primary 1 – Primary 3:

1st Prize: Nathan McNally (Ancrum Road Primary School)

Nathan’s picture was an inspired piece of ‘old’ and ‘new’ with an image of Nathan today and how he will look as a grown up! In the background can be seen various Dundee locations including the Discovery, the Law and even the football grounds of Dundee and Dundee united!

2nd Prize: Ula Kuc (Ancrum Road Primary School)

Ula’s picture also captured ‘old’ and ‘new’, with a personalised depiction of locations important to Ula, including Unicorn, Olympia pool, her own house and Ancrum PS.


3rd Prize: Eilidh Slane (Ancrum Road Primary School)

Judges loved Eilidh’s picture of ‘old’ and ‘new’ and liked how she looked outside of Dundee too! Judges particularly liked the Dundee dialect in the naming of places – such as ‘toun’ and ‘noo brij’!



Primary 4 – Primary 5:

1st Prize: Holly Finnigan (Claypotts Castle Primary School)

Holly’s picture captured some of the most famous sights in Dundee, including the Law as well as Unicorn. Judges liked the addition of the Royal Arch too and lots of penguins! The V&A Dundee building is a nice contrast to the Royal Arch too!


2nd Prize: Kianna Robertson (Claypotts Castle Primary School)

Kianna’s picture had lots of penguins too – and a very colourful Unicorn!


3rd Prize: Hollie Dolan (Claypotts Castle Primary School)

Judges loved Hollie’s penguins and her very colourful view of Dundee!




1st Prize: Scott McDonald (Harris Academy)

Scott’s picture was a beautiful rendition of lots of important Dundee locations, including Unicorn, V&A Dundee, the Law, The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum, Maggie’s Dundee and Dundee Central Mosque!

2nd Prize: Nathan Craig (Harris Academy)

Judges loved Nathan’s depiction of Cox’s Stack, RRS Discovery, Desperate Dan, V&A Dundee and Dundee Contemporary Arts.

3rd Prize: Erin Miller (Harris Academy)

Judges loved Erin’s colourful Dundee landscape! As well as her capturing of Desperate Dan, the Tay Rail Bridge and the Central Mosque!


In addition, the judges decided to award a special prize to pupils from Law Nursery School for their unique light installation! 

Judges loved how the children responded to David Batchelor’s work Waldella in The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum, and how they looked at ideas of recycling and sustainability.



Congratulations to all winners!

The exhibition of winning works is on HMS Unicorn until the end of June 2018.

The competition was also posted in the Evening Telegraph! Follow the link below to read: