Welcome aboard our virtual tour of HMS Unicorn! Explore our decks and get a feel for life on board a historic warship!

The HMS Unicorn is great fun to visit but she was designed for a different age! We have tried to make the ship as safe as possible but as she is old, we ask that you take special care during your visit.

Safety and Accessibility Onboard

Please note that the HMS Unicorn contains steep stairs, trip hazards, low ceilings, narrow and low doorways, decks that are slippery when wet and low levels of light.  When planning your visit, please be aware that the entrance and exits are low, there are low ceilings and beams throughout the ship (especially on the orlop deck), and there are trip hazards throughout the ship.

For further information about the accessibility of HMS Unicorn and other Dundee attractions, why not look through the Dundee & Angus Accessible Highlights booklet by Euan’s Guide.

A copy of our accessibility guide can be viewed below:HMS-Unicorn-Access-Guide-2019