What to see – surprise yourself

There is much more to Unicorn than appears from the outside.  You might be puzzled by her lack of masts, but come onboard and find out just how atmospheric and charming the ship is inside, and how much there is to see.

There are four exciting decks to explore:


  • Upper Deck (Foc’s’le and Quarterdeck) which would have been open to the elements.
  • Gun Deck, the main fighting deck, with massive guns and the luxury of the Captain’s Cabin
  • Lower Deck provided accommodation for over 300 ‘ship’s company’, most in hammocks.
  • Orlop and Hold provided storage for this community, and ammunition for the guns.

Visitors are welcome to explore all the decks at their own pace, and children particularly enjoy the freedom to clamber around the ship.  Guided tours can also be arranged by appointment.

Find out about

  • Life at sea: wooden ships and iron men
  • The Golden Age of Sail
  • Unicorn’s ‘Great Guns’
  • Ships in ‘Ordinary’
  • The Navy in Dundee
  • Shipbuilding in transition
WRS 2010-0624